Research & Publication Form


Access to multicenter registry data must be coordinated by the NEAR Research and Publication (R&P) Committee. All potential abstracts, manuscripts, or presentations utilizing NEAR data must have R&P committee approval. In order to pursue a request of this nature, this form must be submitted. Please provide the requested information to the fullest extent possible. If the Executive Committee receives more than one proposal for a topic, lead authorship will be assigned to the applicant who provides the more cogent and complete project description. If data analysis requires Institutional Review Board approval at your institution beyond the scope granted for NEAR data collection, enclose documentation of submission with proposal, and send documentation of approval as soon as it is available.

Competed forms should be submitted to Andrea Fantegrossi, the NEAR Research Project Manager, at  The Committee will consider proposals for approval on a monthly basis (please forward your information by the first of the month).